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Whiffenpoof Music: Over A Century of Song

The Whiffenpoof repertoire features a diverse selection of songs, ranging from traditional Yale songs to original compositions to hits from every decade.

  • Aj, Lucka Lucka (trad. Bohemian marching song)
  • All in Love Is Fair (Wonder, arr. Wexler '11)
  • Aura Lee (trad. Yale)
  • Bright College Years (trad. Yale)
  • The Boxer (Simon, arr. Mulligan '11)
  • Down by the Salley Gardens (trad. Irish, arr. Kelley '86)
  • Eli Yale (trad. Yale)
  • Happy Birthday (Hill, arr. Stanfill '16)
  • House of the Rising Sun (trad., arr. Ishiguri '10)
  • I'll Be Seeing You (Fain/Kahal, arr. Beck '91)
  • Midnight Train to Georgia (Weatherly, arr. Pritchard '86)
  • Nature Boy (Ahbez, arr. Ishiguri '10)
  • Operator (Spivery, arr. Ishiguri '10)
  • Rainbow Connection (Williams/Ascher, arr. Ishiguri '10)
  • Ride the Chariot (trad. Yale)
  • September Song (Weill/Anderson, arr. Heath '50)
  • Too Darn Hot (Porter '13, arr. Prestley '77)
  • We Don't Eat (McMorrow, arr. Barnett '14)
  • We Meet Again Tonight (trad. Yale)
  • When Sunny Gets Blue (Segal, arr. Girdler '61)
  • When You're Smiling (Shay/Fisher/Goodwin, arr. Miller '15)
  • You Are the Sunshine of My Life (Wonder, arr. Watsky '12)
  • You Are Too Beautiful (Rodgers/Hart, arr. Hemingway '42)
  • The Whiffenpoof Song (Kipling/Galloway/Minnegerode/Pomeroy '10)

Song Samples


Ride the Chariot

From Who's Stopping Us? (2012)

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All in Love Is Fair

From The Invention of A Cappella and Other Modest Accomplishments (2011)

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If I Had a Hammer

From To Be Young and in Glove (2014)

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The Whiffenpoof Song

From Song Book (1958)

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