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Century (2009)

Released to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Whiffenpoofs, Century contains a mix of new arrangements and standards the group has been singing since its founding in 1909. Produced and engineered by multi Grammy Award winners Steve Barnett and Preston Smith, Century is a truly special tribute to the group's Centennial Year. 

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Musical Director: Brian Mummert

Business Manager: Jamie Warlick

Track List

  1. Aj, Lucka, Lucka, Siroka
    (Bohemian Marching Song; arr. Bartholomew) Helan Gar (Swedish Drinking Song)
  2. September Song, 1950
    (arr. Heath '50)
  3. Minnie the Mermaid, 1940
    (Wilson '40) solo: Stegmaier
  4. Little Pony, 1975
    (arr. Rosenblum '94) solo: Watts
  5. Down By the Salley Gardens, 1986
    (arr. Kelley '86) solo: Earp
  6. I Cover the Waterfront, 1987
    (arr. Knutsen '87) solo: Warlick
  7. The Girl from Ipanema, 1994
    (arr. Murabayashi '94) solo: Kempner
  8. Bye Bye Blackbird, 1994
    (arr. Murabayashi '94) solo: Pattison
  9. I'll Be Seeing You, 1991
    (Beck '91)
  10. Soon It's Gonna Rain, 2009
    (arr. Rosenblum '09) solo: Isenberg
  11. Everything, 2009
    (arr. Breves '09 & Obbink '09) solo: Obbink
  12. New Hymn, 1995
    (Dodes '95) solo: Breves
  13. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, 1997
    (Blau '97) solo: Mummert
  14. Something Like the Blues, 1987
    (Jeffries '87) solo: Prokopetz
  15. Have You Met Miss Jones?, 1962
    (arr. Steward '62) solo: Prokopetz
  16. Midnight Train to Georgia, 1986
    (arr. Pritchard '86) solo: Frisby
  17. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, 1989
    (arr. Heath '50) solo: Kim
  18. Saving Ourselves, 1949
    (Lippincott '49, arr. Wolff '50, soloist: Westphal)
  19. The Whiffenpoof Song, 1909
    (music attributed to Galloway; words by Kipling, Minegrode '10, and Pomeroy '10)

All tracks recorded at Center Church Parish House, New Haven, CT.