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Who's Stopping Us? (2012)

At last, the unstoppable Whiffenpoofs of 2012 announce the release of their show-stopping album: Who's Stopping Us? 

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USD 20

Musical Director: Benjamin Watsky

Business Manager: Alexander Oki

Track List

  1. Ride the Chariot (Yale Trad.)
       solo: Medero
  2. You Are the Sunshine of My Life (Wonder/Sinatra; arr. Watsky '12)
       solo: Shimer
  3. The Rest (Lloyd/Shapiro)
       solo: Lloyd '12
  4. Midnight Train to Georgia (Weatherly; arr. Pritchard '86)
       solo: Watsky, trio: Blume, Mitchell-Larson, Yi
  5. New Hymn (Taylor/Price; arr. Dodes '95)
       solo: O'Reilly
  6. Bye Bye Blackbird (Dixon/Henderson; arr. Murabayashi '94)
       solo: Kawash
  7. Hallelujah (Cohen; arr. Blume '12)
       solo: Rutan
  8. Shake It Out (Welch/Epworth; arr. Fayette '12)
       solo: Fayette
  9. She Moved Through the Fair (Trad. Irish; arr. Watsky '12)
       solo: Oki
  10. Leave Get Out (Soulshock/Karlin/Cantrell/White; arr. Watsky '12/Lloyd '12)
       solo: Yi
  11. When Sunny Gets Blue (Segal/Fisher; arr. Girdler '61)
       solo: Mitchell-Larson
  12. Call Your Girlfriend (Robyn; arr. Watsky '12/Lloyd '12)
       solo: Martinez
  13. Skinny Love (Vernon; arr. Lloyd '12)
       solo: Lloyd
  14. Down By the Salley Gardens (Yeats; arr. Kelley '86)
       solo: Shapiro
  15. Operator (Spivery; arr. Ishiguri '10)
       solos: Blume; trio: Medero, Rutan
  16. Whiffenpoof Song (Minnegerode, Pomeroy '10)  (recorded live at Family Weekend 2011)